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dalia recipe for weight loss / Vegetable Bulgur Pilaf / Daliya Khichdi

Instant Pot Daliya Recipe For Weight Loss / Vegetable Bulgur Pilaf / Daliya Pulao / Daliya Khichdi is one of our favorites and a great substitute for rice pulao, that can be cooked under 15 minutes and is a Complete

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Instant Pot Chia Strawberry Jam Recipe | Easy and Quick Chia Jam Recipe Without Pectin

Instant Pot Chia Strawberry Jam Recipe Without Pectin is a quick and an easy Jam recipe and so delicious especially when you spread it on a slice of bread. Ahhh….. Strawberry season, the best time of the year. We do

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Corn Chowder

Creamy Vegetarian Corn Chowder is loaded with fresh corn from the cob, half and half, potatoes and salt and pepper. It is the best summer dish!! Instant Pot Corn Chowder is a copycat recipe of Panera. I know You may

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Instant Pot Burrito Wrap

Love Chipotle Burrito Wraps and Bowls? Try these Vegan Instant Pot Burrito Wrap right at home. It is made in one pot, healthier, easier and million times tastier than Chipotle. 🙂 This recipe is made in 20 to 30 minutes

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