Vegetable Mayonnaise Sandwich

Vegetable Mayonnaise Sandwich – A quick Sandwich recipe that can be made in minutes with very few ingredients. Eat them as a cold sandwich or grilled.

It makes the best breakfast sandwich recipe for a busy morning. Also perfect for a summer picnic or to serve as a finger snack during parties or get-togethers.


- mayonnaise - vegetables - bread - butter - seasonings - sriracha sauce

sandwich filling

Mix all the sandwich filling ingredients in a big mixing bowl.

Take a slice of bread, spread spoonfuls of Mayo-Veggie mixture, cover with another slice of bread and apply some butter on both sides.

make the sandwich

Grill or toast this until golden brown in color from both sides, on a low to medium flame.


Serve it with Ketch-up or your choice of dip. Enjoy!!


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