Instant Pot Popcorn (+4 ways to flavor it up)

Making Instant Pot Popcorn is probably the easiest from scratch snack you’ll ever make at home, and it’s much cheaper than the store-bought ones!

I’ll walk you through making your own popcorn in an Instant Pot, with four different flavors/seasonings to keep things interesting!


- popcorn kernels - ghee - salt - desired popcorn flavors - seasonings - spices

using instant pot

Turn on your pressure cooker /Instant pot (I am using 6qt), press the Saute button.

Press Adjust button to the “More” setting. Once the display reads “HOT”, add the ghee/oil.

Add the popcorn kernels and salt. Toss to coat in the oil then spread evenly. Cover with a glass lid.

Once most of the kernels have popped, turn off the Instant Pot and allow the remaining kernels to pop with the lid on.

Once the kernels stop popping remove the lid, season with the desired seasoning or keep it as is and serve.

add flavor or seasonings

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