Oats Idli

Oats Idli

Instant Oats Idli is a healthy Indian Breakfast recipe, which is a very appetizing and easy to make. This is the best way to include oats in your diet. I have added many vegetables like carrots, green peas, beans, bell pepper…… But you can add your choice of vegetables or you can skip this step. My son love this Idli. This is perfect for school lunch box or for breakfast. I like to have it with coconut chutney.





Recipe for 24 Oats Idli



Quick Oats – 2 cup

Rava / Sooji / Semolina – 1 cup

Curd – 1 cup

Salt to taste

Chopped mix vegetables(Carrots, Peas, beans, Corn, Capsicum) – 2 cups

Ginger-chili paste – 1 tbsp

Water – 3 cups or as needed

ENO or Baking soda – 1 tsp



1. Dry roast oats and rava Separately for 2 to 3 minutes over a medium heat. Crush the oats into a coarse Powder.

2. Take both, roasted oats powder and rava, into a big mixing bowl. Add vegetables, curd, salt and ginger-chili paste. Mix them well.

3. Add Water very slowly. Mix in between. Make a batter like a normal idli batter consistency. Keep it aside for 30 minutes.


4. Bring the water in the steamer to a boil.

5. Add ENO or baking soda and mix them well. Don’t let the batter sit for too long after adding ENO or soda. (If you can’t steam idli all in one go, divide the batter and ass the ENO just before steaming).

6. Immediately pour the batter into greased idli moulds and steam for 12 to 15 minutes.


7. Poke an Idli with toothpick or with knife to check whether idli is cooked or not. If toothpick comes out clean that means Idli is done. If not, steam it again for 5 minutes.

8. Oats Idli is ready. Serve them hot with coconut chutney. This time I have added Garlic chutney in my Coconut chutney and the taste was awesome.



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  1. Sathya @Mykitchenodyssey
    Sathya @Mykitchenodyssey 25 May, 2015, 09:18

    Oats idli looks too good.Def this saves a lot of time when there is no idli,dosa batter..love it

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  2. Shashi
    Shashi 25 May, 2015, 10:49


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  3. sudha rani devireddy
    sudha rani devireddy 25 May, 2015, 23:31

    i liuke this healthy recipie .thank u vehry much

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  4. Kavita agarwal
    Kavita agarwal 26 May, 2015, 00:50

    Very healthy and tasty recipe

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  5. Nipa
    Nipa 6 June, 2015, 09:40

    I made it for breakfast, was very delicious could not stop eating it.Grt recepy thanks .

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  6. Hema
    Hema 20 January, 2017, 07:11

    Is this upma ravva or idli ravva? Does it matter. Thank you for your yummy receipes.

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    • Dhwani Mehta
      Dhwani Mehta Author 20 January, 2017, 12:38

      Thanks Hema! I have used Upma rawa in this recipe. Never used Idli Rawa to make Oats idli. Idli rawa requires 4 to 5 hours of soaking before mixing it with oats and other ingredients. I hope this helps. Happy cooking!

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  7. m
    m 11 February, 2017, 19:45

    what is the curd?

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  8. Minnu
    Minnu 28 June, 2017, 11:58

    What type of oats have you used for this? Can we use rolled oats?

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  9. Jessica
    Jessica 8 November, 2017, 21:25

    Replacement for Rava? Rice flour? I can’t eat wheat products.

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