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I am Dhwani Mehta, founder of this CARNIVAL!!! I was born and brought up in Gujarat (State  in  India) and currently live in Phoenix, Arizona, USA with my hubby and a lovely kid. I belong to Jain religion and strictly follow Vegetarian diet. I did MBA in Finance but never thought of pursuing  my career in Financial sector. In fact, I have almost forgotten  by now that I have such education background, but no regret!


I am of fond of eating variety of food. Whenever I see/eat new dish, first thing that  come to my mind is – ‘How this dish is prepared; what would be ingredients; how can Imake it at home’. Brainstorming starts for everything going in my mouth and by the time I finish the dish, I am almost ready to cook it at home. Having said this much, I state that I have special interest and influence in EATING and COOKING. My inclination towards this hobby  got huge boost after my marriage when I gradually realized  that every member with whom I shall be spending rest of my life were equally and similarly interested in delicious food.  My hobby of cooking became full time job as I chose to be a homemaker. Over a period of time, knowingly or unknowingly, I was involved in the field of cooking and started enjoying this journey of my life. It may not be out of place to mention that my late father-in-law who passed away in 2008, always inspired and encouraged me in my world of cooking. He had exceptional ability, quality  and sense of understanding taste which I have not seen in anyone else so far. Everyone in our family as well as  our friends respected his ability. At this juncture I can boldly state that it wasa God gift and it cannot be learnt or developed by anyone. He could literally give a 100% accurate feedback for any dish just by taking aroma of it. There had always been challenges for me to win his accolade on any dish prepared but at the same time it gave me an opportunity to improve my skill and help me to achieve perfection. Though he is not with us physically, he shall always remain  in our heart and memory. I dedicate this blog as well as all my work to him and wish his blessings shall always be with us.


I aspire to do something special in the world of cooking, change the way people look at this art and serve community by presenting inexpensive ways to prepare and enjoy national and international dishes. And here I am presenting  my DREAM with –


I am not a storyteller and unfortunately cannot write or talk too much outside of topic. You would experience what I say  while going through my recipes. I would write only about what is needed, what is to be followed and what will be the outcome. Someone may find it better while others may find it boring but that’s how it is and bear with me if you do not like simple plain text straight to the business. I have prepared hundreds of dishes so far but never had written about any of them. I like to do experiments and apply innovative ideas in day to day cooking. Never require to follow any book and everything I prepare stays in my brain and heart. I can talk about cooking and recipes for hours together and that is my strength. However at the same time I am lacking interest to document it and that I came to know while started working for this blog. It is easy for me to prepare and serve any item on the plate but difficult to put it on paper, though  getting used to it gradually.


My goal :  To simplify the process of cooking and to prove that ‘Any Body Can Cook’ by simply following certain steps with right amount of ingredients. Of course you need such interest. Any dish you see at restaurant/outside can be prepared at home. Enjoy delicious food not only over the weekend at restaurant but all 7 days at home and live healthier life. Do not get nervous by looking at highly designed Kitchens and equipments in cooking related TV Shows. They are nice to have but not necessary. Majority of the recipes do not require special equipment or utensils. There are several alternatives if you are committed to achieve your desire to cook and serve.


My promise to the community: There are thousands of dishes people enjoy around the world. There is almost no end to varieties of food you may have. I would bring them to you, resolve any questions and ‘Spice Up Yours and Your Family Life’ all the time. The only thing you need to do is to remember and check this blog periodically!! Leave rest of the things on me….


Special Thanks: No endeavor is possible without support of Family. I am grateful and lucky to have caring husband, charming son, supportive and encouraging mother-in-law and my parents without whom this would not have been   possible.


What are you thinking? Surprise your loved one by serving any dish you find here and see their reaction. I am sure you will feel proud and privileged like me when you would see bright smile on their faces and love in their eyes….

Please do not forget to Like, Follow and Share my work if you really like it and if you think others can get benefit out of it, I would appreciate your comment/feedback here about the website OR work I have been doing. Submit your comment at individual post if it is specific to any recipe.


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  1. Kamlesh
    Kamlesh 3 October, 2014, 12:22

    Congratulations!!!! Wish you all the very best. This is fantastic.

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  2. ķinjal mehta
    ķinjal mehta 3 October, 2014, 13:21

    Such a beautiful idea to serve delicious dishes ……. very nice web site ….. we surely follow your recipes regularly ….. thanks for sharing and congratulation ……

    You solve half the problem of all housewife…..

    Kinjal mehta (your best frnds)

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    • Jagdip Shah
      Jagdip Shah 4 October, 2014, 04:25

      I was amazed to see this site and more so the descriptive dishes. Your work is awesome. Wishing you good luck while looking forward to have taste of some of these items when we meet in person.
      Once again best of luck and keep this good work going.

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    • Dhwani Mehta
      Dhwani Mehta Author 5 October, 2014, 02:14

      Thanks you so much….

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  3. Dharmesh Mehta
    Dharmesh Mehta 4 October, 2014, 04:10

    Nice ……Congrats

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  4. jas juthani
    jas juthani 4 October, 2014, 07:44


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  5. Swetha Sreenath
    Swetha Sreenath 4 October, 2014, 11:20

    Well done dear..loved the idea..hope to see many more awesome recipes…good start and we wish u all the very best for cooking carnival…love u..

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  6. Jayshree Shailesh Sanghrajka
    Jayshree Shailesh Sanghrajka 4 October, 2014, 11:59

    You have proven yourself to be a very skilled individual who has the capacity to do great things with their life. Continue to make us proud as you face new challenges and adventures. Good luck to you as you continue to learn and grow. We have no doubt that you will make all of us proud in your new role.

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  7. Vimukt Dave
    Vimukt Dave 5 October, 2014, 01:14

    Dear Dhwanibhabhi…. it is very wonderful experience through this blog…. first of all very much congratulation to you. Kartik just told me about this blog in Virani School Group on whats app. I am very much foody and love to eat new items… i will surly ask my wife to make all these items especially Paneer Nest in Makhhani Gravy…..

    Thank You and All the Best..

    Vimukt Dave,

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    • Dhwani Mehta
      Dhwani Mehta Author 5 October, 2014, 02:06

      Thank you Vimukut Dave. Let me know your wife’s experience once she go through the recipe and prepare the same. Post question on the Recipe page if any….

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  8. itsPotluck
    itsPotluck 6 November, 2014, 22:54

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  9. Shahina
    Shahina 20 April, 2015, 14:28

    Thank you for sharing the story honestly.

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  10. kamal
    kamal 1 July, 2015, 17:46

    hi i think this website hindi english dono mein honi chahiye.

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    • Dhwani Mehta
      Dhwani Mehta Author 1 July, 2015, 21:50

      Hi Kamal,

      Thank you for visiting Sorry about not having recipe in Hindi for now but we have future plan to publish recipe in multiple languages.

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  11. Mrs. Shaan naqvi
    Mrs. Shaan naqvi 20 January, 2016, 09:49

    Congrats. Can you please give me the recipt through my email address n I prefer veg recipes

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  12. Anupama
    Anupama 1 April, 2016, 11:18

    Your cooking blog is delightful. I loved reading your intro. What a nice way to carry on our rich food tradition isn’t it? I can relate to many things that you describe here. It was my respect and admiration for our Indian food that inspired me to start my blog called Mitho Limdo. You have given a great tribute to your father-in-law. Indeed, feeding healthy and delicious food to our family, and getting that acknowledgement is a wonderful feeling. Wishing you the best,


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    • Dhwani Mehta
      Dhwani Mehta Author 19 April, 2016, 22:25

      Thank you Anupama for visiting Really appreciate your your kind word and feedback on the blog. I visited your blog and very impressed with the collection of recipes you have posted so far. It truly reflects your love towards food and traditions. Wish you all the best!

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  13. kinnary talati
    kinnary talati 18 July, 2016, 11:04

    No we are not getting a update Recipe from Dhwani Mehta

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  14. Niral
    Niral 18 February, 2017, 14:20

    Awesome website and recipes! Love the site…Thanks Dhwani!

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    • Dhwani Mehta
      Dhwani Mehta Author 19 February, 2017, 15:19

      Hi Niral!!!
      Thanks for visiting my place. I am glad to hear that you liked my recipes! Happy cooking. 🙂

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